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FRITZ!DECT 200, an intelligent socket that harnesses successful DECT technology to measure, adjust and control home automation applications. The intelligent socket can also be managed via a computer or phone using a FRITZ!Box with integrated DECT base station. And thanks to the MyFRITZ! service on the FRITZ!Box, users can also access FRITZ!DECT on the go. The range of smart features also includes a week-by-week calendar, a sunrise/sunset function for automatically switching on and off, and linking with a Google calendar. The FRITZ!DECT 200 measures the energy consumption of the devices connected to it – even over long periods of time – and notifies you of power consumption and switching times via push mail.


Wojtek Pietrusiewicz

Wydawca, fotograf, podróżnik, podcaster – niekoniecznie w tej kolejności. Lubię espresso, mechaniczne zegarki, mechaniczne klawiatury i zwinne samochody.