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Beating the iPad is hard. Many have tried, many have failed. The Nexus 9 is Google’s closest shot yet, but it still misses the mark.

See you next year, Google.

To tyle w temacie, aczkolwiek sami czekamy na egzemplarz testowy, żeby sprawdzić…

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“With all of those bits and cores, one would expect the Nexus 9 to be
extremely fast without any performance hiccups, but sadly that is not
the case. Stutters and slowdowns are plentiful, apps take a long time to
open and load, and some apps just crashed repeatedly. Once a game like Goat Simulator or Monument Valley does load, game play is fine, with steady framerates and no lag. It’s just a chore to get there.

The 9 also gets warm with just light use and downright hot when it’s
pushed while playing a game. The iPad isn’t immune to heating up during
gameplay, but the Nexus 9’s heat feels less like a discomfort and more
like something is terribly wrong.”

Ci z Android Police też nie zostawili suchej nitki na Nexusie 9:

“Battery life: 9.5 hours of Wi-Fi browsing is, as far as my review unit is concerned, a fantasy. Like, there’s just no way. I’m getting half that.
Performance: It’s unpredictable. The Nexus 9 is fast, but it’s twitchy. Apps will randomly take longer to load than normal, longer than I would expect – it doesn’t feel fully optimized. That, or only having two cores is causing issues.
Build quality: It does not feel like a $400 tablet should feel. Not only is it fairly heavy for its size, the plastic back seems to have the same issues the Nexus 5’s did – it deforms under pressure, snaps, and creaks. It is not nice. Also, it’s a finger oil magnet.
Design: I’m sorry, but in my subjective opinion, the Nexus 9 is not a pretty tablet. It is decidedly generic, and not in a cool, stealthy way. It’s boring and drab. The press shots do it too much justice.
Price: All things considered, I find $400 ($480 for 32GB) hard to stomach for a 16GB tablet of this caliber. That’s generation one iPad Air money.”